This portfolio concentrates on the wonderful road culture that grow up before the interstate highways were constructed. Funky motels with neon signs, old gas stations, and mom and pop eateries.

The Parade (hand-colored)
Route 7 Gorilla
Hot Dog Man
Burger Queen
The Star
21st Century Cowboy
The Colony Hotel
Miss Flo's Diner
"The Crow Bar"
Pronto Pup
"Here It Is"
Castle Food and Drink
Wellfleet Drive-In
Aztec Motel
"Roadside Dinosaur"
Donut Drive-In
Coney Island
Main Street
Cupid Wedding Chapel
Route 66 Courts
Mother's Motel & Restaurant
The Grand Hotel
World's Largest Crow
Palms Motel at Sunset
Club Cafe
Be Happy
Dry Creek Station
"66 Motel Court"
Small Town Theatre
"Bell Gas"
"Hotel Western"
Carhenge II
Rodger's Theatre
"The Blue Marlin"
"Hollywood Bar Grill"
"Wigwam Motel"
Prairie Moon
Route 66, McLean, TX
Chapel of Bells
The Pride of the Prairie
Cadillac Ranch
Java Junky's Dream
Java Junky's Dream ii
Visualize Rain
Hope Ahead
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