I went to Cuba in December 2014 right before President Obama made his historic announcement about his intention of resuming U.S. relations with Cuba.  After hearing the announcement, I knew I wanted to return to Cuba as soon as possible.  My fear was Cuba would change rapidly.  Right now, it is caught in a time capsule, where large heavy 50's cars rule the road; the buildings are charming and ornate and the island is slow paced.
Red Chevy
Sweet Ride
Man with Dog
Two Boys
Tobacco Farmer
Blind Guitarist
Mike the Boxer
Two Toned Chevy
Blue Fin
Eagle and Swan
Apple Decal
Fortune Teller
Interior, Havana Apartment
Girl in Red
Woman on Balcony
Hanging Out
Ferris Wheel
Boy with Ice Cream
Two Brothers
Woman in Doorway
Man with Empty Bottles
Two Girls at Playground
Tail Light
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