Encaustic means to burn or to heat in Greek.  Adding layers of beeswax to a surface has been around for centuries.  The Egyptians used the process for funeral portraits of the deceased.


Encaustic Photography is the process of adding hot wax layers to a surface with an adhered photograph. A few layers of wax can be added or many layers can be added, depending on the result the artist hopes to create. Color may added to the wax for different effects.  After each layer of wax is applied to the surface of the piece, the wax needs to fused to the surface with either a heat gun or torch.  Final result is permanent.


I like to add wax to my photographs in order to create a dreamy or elegiac effect and to make the photos look more painterly and soft.

Width:8 Inches
Height:8 Inches
Price:250.00 USD
Copyright:Victoria Blewer
Additional Sales Info:Framed in a thin white wood frame.
Encaustic Photographs