Here is a description of my mixed media process:

Step 1:  Adhere an archival print to a cradled board.

Step 2:  Apply a couple of layers of acrylic medium to protect the image and to add varying levels sheen and sometimes to add a little texture.  Since I like the look of encaustic, I add a tiny amount of acrylic paints to replicate the color of encaustic wax.

Step 3.  Paint portions of the image using acrylic paints, inks or pencil.  (This varies depending on the image.)

Step 4.   Add a couple more layers of acrylic medium.

Step 5.  Finish and protect surface of the piece with multiple layers of varnish.


Bees in ParadiseGold FinchMourning DoveCedar WaxwingCounty RoadCardinalRaven's WorldRed BarnSimple DwellingNight BirdDeer PathYoung MousersMolly and DollyWaiting for NightfallHay BalesEmpty NestOn the LookoutBarn CatsNext Stop Success